Bar Salts Wholesale

Bars salts are now available to wholesale from UK vapour Brands. We stock the leading disposable flavoured e-liquid from brands such as Elf Bar, ELUX and Crystal Bar. Check out our full range of disposable vape flavoured e-liquid below.


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  1. VLTZ 10ml Nic Salt
    • 22 supercharged flavours
  2. ELUX Legend Nic Salts
    • ELUX Legend 3500 Flavours
  3. Bar Juice 5000
    • Disposable Vape Flavours
  4. Crystal Bar E-liquid
    • 5 Crystals in 1 bottle
  5. ELUX Firerose 5000 Wholesale
    • 10mg & 20mg nicotine strengths

8 Items

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What are bar salts?

Bar salts are a new type of e-liquid designed to help move people from disposable vapes to open tank ecigs. The ingredients are the same as any other nic salt, but they contain a higher flavour concentration. This results in a sweet and intense flavour like that in the leading disposable vapes.

Wholesale bar salts at UK Vapour Brands

At UKVB we stock all the leading bar salt ranges including ELUX Legend Nic Salts and Elf Bar ELFLIQ. These are available at great wholesale prices and can be dispatched on the same day. We also source our stock directly from the manufacturer to ensure we only provide 100% genuine products. We are recognised as one of the best vape wholesalers in the UK and recently won Best Distributor at the Vapouround Awards.

Our benefits include:

  • Same dispatch on orders before 2pm and next day delivery available.
  • A dedicated Account Manager.
  • Bespoke POS available from our in-house marketing team.
  • Full product training.

Bar salt brands

The bar salts available to whole from UK Vapour Brands include:

Why should I stock bar salts?

Bar salts are the latest vaping trend and like with disposables it is important to get ahead of the curve. Elf Bars are still the leading product on the market but can be purchased from any convenience store or supermarket. This means more competition for independent vape stores. By introducing a product with the same great flavour at a fraction of the cost, it will differentiate your store from the rest.

Switching disposable vapers to bar salts

The main benefit vape stores have over other retailers is their expertise. When a customer buys a disposable vape from a forecourt, it is usually because it is quick and convenient. They won’t receive any information about the product and will probably buy their next disposable from a different shop. Whereas, if they visit a vape store that can explain the product and switch them onto a better value alternative, they are more likely to make a return purchase.

What are the best kits for Bar Salt E-liquid?

Like with any other nic salt, this type of e-liquid is only recommended for mouth to lung vaping. If you were to use it with a sub ohm kit the flavour and nicotine strength would be too strong. Another factor is coil lifespan. Although we wouldn’t consider bar salts a coil killer, they do perform best with certain kits.

These include: