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Point of Sale

As part of UK Vapour Brands’ mission to not only provide the world’s leading products but to also provide sector leading service, we offer purpose built in-store POS solutions. This is to give you the tools to effectively sell your stock to the end consumer.

Display Stands

The display stands in this category have been specifically designed for their respective products with a built-in holder for the product to sit in.

The stand also features the product’s key selling points and aims to incorporate an eye-catching design; ideal for use in display cabinets or on counter tops.

E-liquid POS

A range of POS material is also available for MyVapors E-liquid, allowing you to give this premium range the recognition and exposure it deserves.

Counter mats, posters, flavour cards and pop-up banners are all available for use in-store. These are professionally designed and produced to promote the e-liquid offering as well as adding to the aesthetics of your shop.

Further POS is also available for various other products. Please contact your account manager for further information.