UK Vapour Brands Guarantee of E-liquid Excellence

UK Vapour Brands wholesale customers are some of the most knowledgeable vape business owners in the UK, and we know you demand the highest possible standards in the supply of high-quality e-liquid.

To acknowledge the trust which your business has placed in UKVB, we offer our guarantee of e-liquid excellence. This guarantee commits UKVB to supply our partners with only the highest quality, market leading e-liquid products. 

The UK Vapour Brands guarantee of e-liquid excellence pledges:

  • UKVB e-liquids are fully compliant with the Tobacco & Related Products Regulations (TRPR 2016). We also guarantee the quality of our 0 % e-liquid range exceeds the regulatory demands of TRPR. 
  • UKVB “Made in the UK” e-liquid is manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, employing sector leading quality systems in a purpose-built e-liquid production facility.  
  • Each batch of manufactured e-liquid is subject to rigorous quality control testing in a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory. 
  • UKVB’s internationally produced TECC Titan e-liquid is manufactured to the same high-quality standards as our UK produced e-liquids.  
  • UKVB e-liquid does not contain the flavouring substances diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, or acetoin.*
  • All e-liquid supplied by UKVB has full batch traceability. 
  • Each range of UKVB e-liquid is subject to a continuous product stewardship system by our manufacturing partners. 

UKVB’s “made in the UK” range of e-liquids are manufactured in a custom-built production facility, boasting industry leading e-liquid processing equipment and an in-house analytical testing laboratory. Our e-liquid ingredients are sourced only from approved suppliers and all finished batches of e-liquid have full traceability of ingredients. We only use pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine in our e-liquid formulations. UKVB e-liquid products contain food-grade flavourings which have been subject to vigorous inhalation suitability assessment by a team of highly qualified scientists and toxicologists. 

UKVB’s TECC Titan range of e-liquid, manufactured by our international partners, is also quality assured and laboratory tested to the same high standards as our UK produced e-liquids. 

* Subject to determination limit of analytical method.