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Convenience Store Vape Solutions
E-cigarette sales have grown massively in convenience stores and forecourts over recent years, with many realising the opportunity to maximize sales in this category. An increasing number of vapers are visiting these locations to pick up their disposables and e-liquid. So, it is more important than ever to have the best vape solutions to keep these customers coming back.

How to sell e-cigs in a convenience store or forecourt?

Although the current market is heavily disposables, there are a core base of e-liquid users that need to be catered for. Countertop units that display both disposables and open tank products will provide customers with more choice and in will be more likely to purchase.

Disposables may all look the same, but there are drastic differences in flavour depending on the brand, and customers know this. Make sure to stock the most popular products such as Elf Bar, Lost Mary and VLTZ. You may be able to save money using another brand, but these are not what your customers are looking for and will be less likely to purchase.

Why you should switch customers from disposables onto e-liquid?

The short answer is, there is more profit margin in e-liquid than disposables. Although you may be able to sell a Geek Bar for more than a bottle of e-liquid, there is more value in getting customers onto an open tank kit with e-liquid. Plus, the consumer will also feel the benefit as they will be able to get 5 times as many puffs from a 10ml bottle than a 2ml disposable. This will also set you apart from other convenience store who only supply disposables.

The best vaping brands for convenience

At UK Vapour Brands we stock a wide range of brands ensuring we have any product set for every store. We are an official distributor of both Elf Bar and Lost Mary which are the two leading disposable brands. Plus, we also stock a wide range of e-liquid from top brands such as TECC Titan, Double Drip and ElfLiq. This allows you to cater to both new and experienced vapers.

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Why choose UK Vapour Brands?

Born in 2015 from a passion for vaping, UK Vapour Brands is one of the UK’s premier vaping brands and part of the Totally Wicked Group that pioneered the industry. Our mission is to make vaping simple, with the best quality e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, and customer service you can always rely on.

Dedicated Account Manager

Once you are set up as a customer you will have a dedicated Account Manger who will keep you up to date on the latest releases, as well as provide support and training. You won’t need to worry about researching the latest trends or best sellers as your Account Manager will provide you with all the information you’ll need.

Next Day Delivery Available

Next day delivery is available to ensure you receive stock as soon as possible.

100% Genuine Products

We receive all our stock directly from the manufacturer or from trusted distributors. This gives you peace of mind that everything purchased through UK Vapour Brands is genuine and compliant.

Marketing Support

We have an in-house marketing team who can create bespoke POS to fit any store. Speak to your account manager to discuss what solutions.

Convenience Store Vape Solutions

How to get started?

If you’re ready to become and UK Vapour Brands reseller, just click the link to sign up. Once your account is set up, we’ll be in touch to place your first order. Then you can either order directly through the website or by calling us on 01254 269387.