TECC Titan E-liquid


TECC Titan E-liquid

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TECC Titan E-liquid is available to buy in increments of 1


19 flavours available in 3 strengths (0.6%, 1.1%, 1.8%). PG:VG ratio 70:30.

Who is it for?

  • Heavy-medium ex-smokers who require a well-balanced high PG e-liquid to satisfy their nicotine requirements with maximum throat hit. 
  • Experienced vapers who want an e-liquid that delivers a balanced formulation for optimal flavour & nicotine satisfaction.   

Why should they buy?

  • Great range of flavours which really stand out in a high PG e-liquid formulation. 
  • Maximum satisfaction of nicotine throat hit will satisfy former heavy/medium smokers. 
  • Premium quality range of non-UK produced e-liquid. Manufactured in accordance with a strict quality management system using only high-quality ingredients.

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  • American Red Tobacco - A smooth blended tobacco with natural tobacco notes, slightly spicy and well rounded.
  • Apple - A crisp green apple, sweet and juicy, not too tart.
  • Blended Virginia - A smooth tobacco blend with notes of dark chocolate and caramel.
  • Cherry - Fresh ripe red cherries bursting with that sweet cherry taste.
  • Cola - Everyone's favourite soft drink flavour in a vape.
  • Double Mint - Double the mint, double the pleasure, like double mint chewing gum.
  • Heavy Cigar - A sweet aromatic cigar taste with earthy notes that will invigorate the palette.
  • Ice Menthol - Ice cold menthol like an extra strong mint on a winter's morning.
  • Melon Ice - Sweet melon rounded off with subtle menthol.
  • Menthol - Smooth, mellow, fresh and minty. What more could you ask for in a menthol?
  • Raspberry - Very sweet just like a delicious sun ripened raspberry.
  • Red Cow - Amazingly tangy twists.
  • RY4 - Sweet caramel expertly blended with a hint of tobacco to give a smooth finish.
  • Strawberry - The sweetest strawberries on a fine summer's day.
  • Strawberry Milk Ice - Cool and sumptuous strawberry ice cream.
  • Tobacco - A very smooth, earthy, nutty blend with light coffee notes.
  • Vanilla - Sweetened vanilla pods expertly blended for a sweet smooth vape.
  • Virginia - A bold American inspired blend of golden tobacco flavours.
  • Watermelon - Sweet succulent red fleshed watery melon, without the annoying black pips.
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