Stoptober is all about helping your customers on the journey from smoking to vaping.

“Vaping is 95% safer than smoking”

source: Public Health England

As we know Public Health England have stated that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, however over 30% of people* believed that vaping was as harmful as smoking.

So how do we get people to switch to vaping?

Create a warm and friendly environment

85% of people* are willing to visit a vape store however, they are worried about not knowing what products to ask for, or feeling pressured to make a purchase. Creating a warm and friendly environment is key for someone apprehensive about visiting a vape store.

Simplifying the vaping process

Creating a quit-smoking plan with a few simple products will help your customer stay on track as, almost 50% of people* have tried to quit smoking before and failed, this is key to keep the customer determined on their vaping journey. Over half, however, plan on quitting smoking using vaping but their biggest barriers stopping them from vaping is, the complexity, the cost or believing that it’s no safer than smoking. So how do we change this?

Cost of vaping products

“Someone who quits smoking using vaping can save up to £4,000** a year on average”

This message gives the customer the confidence that switching to vaping isn’t as expensive as they first thought. How do we reinforce this? Make sure there are a few cost-effective options in your store, this gives the customer the confidence that making the switch to vaping won’t cost them the earth.

The Product Journey

Disposables (Eleaf IORE 500)

Starting the journey with a disposable like the Eleaf IORE 500 with an RRP of £4.99 is perfect for someone apprehensive to spend a lot of money when starting their journey. The Eleaf IORE 500 removes the complexity out of vaping whilst giving the customer a choice of 8 delicious flavours which last up to 500 puffs.

15% off this disposable throughout October 2021

Refillable Pod Kit (Eleaf IORE Lite)

When a customer feels they are spending too much on disposable vape kits or want more options, progressing them to a refillable kit like the Eleaf IORE Lite with an RRP of £9.99, is the perfect way to get your customers used to recharging or refilling a device with e-liquid but without any complex settings to change. This device is almost half the cost of a packet of cigarettes whilst lasting a lot longer.

Eleaf IORE LITE Pod Kit
Joyetech EVIO C

Open Pod Kit (Joyetech EVIO C)

If your customer wants more flexibility, progression should then be to an open pod device like the Joyetech EVIO C with an RRP of £22.99, this gets the customer used to changing coils and settings and having more flexibility in coil resistances without costing much more than a packet of cigarettes.

How can UK Vapour Brands support you this Stoptober?

For Stoptober, we are offering a free point of sale pack. This POS pack includes 40 loyalty cards, one A2 poster and 2 strut cards for your countertop. This will help to both boost sales in your store and catch the attention of smokers who are interested in giving up for good.

Loyalty Card - The loyalty card is key for customer retention during the vaping journey, this card will keep customers coming back to your store. The Loyalty card has 15 stamps with a free e-liquid offer on every 5th stamp. The terms and conditions of this are set at your discretion.

A2 Poster - As we know people are apprehensive of the cost of vaping so to lead the A2 poster with a message of how much you can save with vaping will attract smokers to your store or ask the question when this is displayed inside your shop.

Strut cards - We will send you two strut cards, one for the Eleaf IORE Lite and one for the Eleaf IORE 500 to display on your counter or in your cabinets. The Strut Cards have key features of the products and a large image of the device so your customers cannot miss these!

Bespoke point of sale is also available. Contact your account manager today!

*Survey conducted on 500 smokers by Totally Wicked.

**Based on smoking 20 cigarettes a day with an average price of £10-£12 a packet.