Geek Bar Wholesale At UK Vapour Brands


The Geek Bar is a sleek, pick up and go disposable vape pen. It is a hassle free device for new vapers and an easy route into vaping. Existing vapers also use this e cig as a backup for easy vaping.

It has a great battery size of 500mAh which is roughly 48 cigarettes. Made from high quality liquid, Geek Bar has ideal flavour production at a great value price for your customers. Available in 10 tasty flavours.

What is Geek Bar?

This kit has become very popular in the vaping industry over the last 12 months, and is known for being a hassle free vape kit. It has become popular with vapers due to its great flavour and ease of use. Simply vape and dispose of it when the battery is empty.

Made by GeekVape, you can be sure of high quality and great performance for your customers every time. Geek Bar prides itself on both innovation and quality and it doesn't disappoint.

This kit stands out in the crowded disposable market. It has high quality finishes and great flavour profiles, making it a must-buy for any vape store.

Geek Bar is split into three main parts:

  • A 500mAh battery lasts up to 575 puffs giving your customers a long-lasting vaping experience.
  • The high quality organic cotton wicking material creates outstanding flavour and vapour production.
  • The 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid delivers, smooth nicotine delivery with a good throat hit.

Geek Bar Wholesale from UK Vapour Brands

UK Vapour Brands is proud to be one of the few online wholesale stores to offer Geek Bar in the UK. We’ve been established since 2015 out of a passion for vaping, and remain one of the UK's leading vape wholesalers. Our team of account managers are ready to help to meet your needs and keep your customers happy.

Want to know more about the Geek Bar? Check out some of the product features below:

Product features

  • 500mAh Power
  • Auto Draw
  • Up to 575 puffs
  • 20mg Nic Salt
  • No buttons or settings to adjust
  • No messy coil changes
  • 10 tasty flavours

Why Stock Geek Bar?

The market has seen a huge shift towards convenience-led vapes, and the Geek Bar stands tall as one of the best in class. This rise in popularity means this device already has a strong and growing customer base in the UK market.

Like with any industry the market it always changing with disposables being the current trend. By skipping this trend your store could miss out on a huge flow of new customers who are only interested in disposable vapes. This can also be a good way of attracting new vapers into your store.

An entry level disposable helps your customers start their vaping journey without feeling too nervous about the amount of options to choose from. Vaping with the Geek Bar gives them a wide choice of flavours to make vaping simple, without any complex settings or coils to change.

Once they get used to vaping a simple kit you can then educate them on vaping and move them onto a more advanced kit to suit them. Using this as a tool to attract less experienced vapers can be a great way of building strong relationships with new customer and keep them using your store.

Why Buy from UK Vapour Brands?

  • All Products from UKVB are genuine.
  • All stock follows UK regulations giving you complete peace of mind when stocking these in your store.
  • Order by 2pm for same-day dispatch.
  • Your Account Manager will provide advice and support to help you sell.

Is There A Minimum Order Qty for Geek Bar Wholesale?

Get in touch with your account manager for any queries on order quantities of Geek Bar.

Want to be a customer? Contact UK Vapour Brands on 01245 269387 today to talk about stocking the Geek Bar. We also stock a wide range hardware and e-liquid.

What Can UK Vapour Brands Offer You?

  • Full support from our team to help you sell in your store
  • Marketing Support
  • Full Product training
  • Dedicated Wholesale Account Manager
  • Great customer service
  • Next day delivery
  • Simple returns policy

Need some more help? Our team is ready to take your call and get you on your way. Not a customer but want to start buying the Geek Bar and more from us? Sign up today or call 01254 269387 today.

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