Disposable E Cigs and Vape Pens

Our range of Disposable vape kits are designed to offer a perfect entry level device for smokers looking for a simple to use alternative to combustible cigarettes. Below are some of the best disposables vape kits from the biggest brands.

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  1. Eleaf IORE 500
    • Eleaf’s first disposable vape

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Why Choose Disposable E Cigs?

Disposable e-cigs are the best choice for new vapers who require a device that is simple to use and requires little set up or adjustments. They come as an all-in-one package with the e-liquid, coil, tank and battery all in one compact device making it convenient to use. This also means users don’t need to order any extras like coils or extra vape juice. All they need is the disposable kit to vape.

Disposables come pre-filled will e-liquid which usually lasts 500 puffs. Once empty simply dispose of the empty device and use a fresh one. This also means they don’t need charging either so vapers won’t need to carry a USB cable in case they need to recharge.

The e-liquid used in most disposable e cigs is nic salt. This type of e-liquid mimics the natural salts found in tobacco resulting in a smoother vape and a sharper nicotine hit. Smokers who are struggling to quit will find nic salt e-liquid offers a sensation close to cigarettes.

The overall compact and simple design of a disposable vape kit also makes it a great spare for more experienced vapers who need a quick and easy vape kit to use on-the-go that they don’t need to worry about losing. Many vapers prefer the vape juice that comes prefilled in disposable devices so stick with them as it is the only way of vaping their favourite e-liquid.

Best Disposable E-cig Brands

Here are just some of the best disposable e-cigs available from top brands.


The Geek Bar from GeekVape comes in a range of bright and colourful disposable e-cigs. Choose from a variety of 15 flavours ranging from Sweet Strawberry to Tobacco all in a 2.0% nic salt ideal for smokers trying to quit.


The Eleaf IORE 500 disposable offers a convenient vaping solution for both new and existing vapers. Available in 4 flavour options, this selection features popular e-liquid flavours that cater to any preference. Choose from Blueberry Ice, Mango Ice, Mint and Tobacco. Plus, the 1.4ohm coil offers a quality mouth-to-lung vape.

How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

The majority of disposable vapes will contain enough e-liquid for over 500 puffs. The battery of the device will last long enough for all the e-liquid inside to be used. The number of disposable e-cigs someone needs depends on their smoking habits. Those who require more nicotine will go through more than a less heavy smoker. However, disposable vape kits do come filled with high strength nic salt which provides more nicotine than a lower strength freebase e-liquid while still offering a smooth vape.

How Many Cigarettes Are In A Disposable e cig?

It is difficult to calculate this as each device will contain a different strength e-liquid and a different quantity. However, a single disposable e-cig that produces 500 puffs should roughly provide the same amount of nicotine as packet of 20 cigarettes

If you are unsure where to begin, or require more help understanding the different types of disposable e-cigs, look to the bottom right of your screen for our live chat window.