Puff Bar by ULTD Salts


Puff Bar by ULTD Salts

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The ULTD Puff Bar is a small and compact disposable e-cigarette. It provides an excellent all-round vaping experience at an entry level price point, and is available in 7 delicious flavours. Choose from Citrus Seven, Getsome Grape, Lemberry Brew, Menthol Blast, Pomberry Plunge, Slushberry and Total Tobacco.

Who is it for?

The ULTD Puff Bar is designed for new vapers that want to try out vaping with minimal financial commitment, or for more experienced vapers who just need an e-cigarette quickly, and don’t need to worry about losing it.

Why should they buy?

The ULTD Puff Bar provides everything you need for vaping in an easy to use and low-cost format. With 9 nic salt flavours ULTD Puff Bar caters to most flavour preferences and provides a smoother throat hit.

Product highlights

  • 300 puffs of vapour in a lightweight package
  • Low cost and very simple vaping solution
  • Compact and discreet

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Puff Bar by ULTD Salts Specifications

  • Pod capacity - 1.3ml
  • E-liquid type - Nic salt
  • E-liquid strength - 20mg (2.0%)
  • Total puffs - Up to 300
  • Disposable device
  • Apple Blow - A blend of sweet and sour notes of green apple.
  • Citrus Seven - Layers of zesty flavour with a touch of fizz.
  • Getsome Grape - A mixture of red and green grapes offering sweet and tart notes for a delicious vape.
  • Lemberry Brew - A refreshing citrus lemonade mixed with blackcurrant for a zesty take on a classic fruit juice.
  • Menthol Blast - A classic menthol vape offering a chilly throat hit.
  • Pomberry Plunge - A mixture of strawberry, mango and melon.
  • Raspberry Twist - Freshly picked raspberries.
  • Slushberry - A classic blue raspberry slush featuring tangy fruit and sweet syrup flavours.
  • Total Tobacco - A familiar tobacco flavour.
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