TECC QC2.0 Wall Adaptor

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Designed using Qualcomm’s QC2.0 charging technology, a clever and interactive system that allows the wall adaptor to interrogate the device that is plugged into it, and provide higher voltages for faster charging when appropriate. With full British Standards Certification, a durable plastic casing and designed for use with quick charge compatible devices, this adaptor is ideal for fast battery charging.

QC2.0 Wall Adaptor from TECC

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  • Input - AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output - DC 5V/2.0A, 9V/2.0A, 12V/1.5A
  • Certification - CE, BS, RoHS

Product Features

QC2.0 Wall Adaptor from TECC

Qualcomm QC2.0 charging technology

Designed for any Qualcomm QC2.0 compatible device, this wall adaptor works in harmony with the QC2.0 charging system to ensure fast and safe charging. Our QC 2.0A USB Charging Cable will ensure that your charger and QC2.0 enabled e-cig talk to each other to ensure that fast charging is completed not just quickly, but safely.

When a standard regulated USB device is plugged into the QC2.0 charging adaptor, it plays dumb and turns back into standard 5.0V USB charging unit. It can be used not only with the Avatar 3 Bay Charger, but will also fast charge QC2.0 enabled e-cigarette batteries.

QC2.0 Wall Adaptor from TECC

Full British Standards Certification

The QC2.0 Wall Adaptors have been tested and certificated to internationally recognised British and European Standards including; BS1363, EN 60335-2-29, EN 60950-1 and EN 55014-1.

QC2.0 Wall Adaptor from TECC


The TECC QC2.0 Wall Adaptor should not be used to charge e-cigarette batteries with unregulated charging. Eleaf UK will take no responsibility for use of this charger with e-cigarette batteries that have been supplied by other manufacturers or importers, or that are not QC2.0 compatible. Use of cheap and unregulated batteries from undeclared sources is dangerous in all cases, but even more so with this adaptor.