TECC CS Air 2 Tank

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Kitted with the CS coils, this tank is designed for reliability and appeals to the masses. The CS Air 2 Tank will perform well with low to moderate powered e-cig batteries and adjustable airflow allows vapers to tailor their experience.


Who is it for?

It is perfect for new vapers, regular vapers and smokers. The tank is very simple to use and is a great match to a variety of batteries so will suit the needs of the majority of customers. 


Why should they buy?

In terms of both design and performance, it’s a great partner for many different types of batteries and mods. The CS range of coils is one of the most popular atomizer ranges on the market thanks to their impressive reliability. Bottom filling means e-liquid can be topped up and atomizers can be changed conveniently even when e-liquid is already in the tank.


Product highlights

  • Simplicity combined with reliability, perfect for vaping all day long.


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TECC CS Air Tank COntents

What's In The Box

Kit Contents

  • 1 x CS Air 2 Tank
  • 1 x CS coil


  • Capacity - 2ml
  • Coil resistance - 1.5ohm

Product Features

2ml E-liquid Capacity

Bottom Filled Design

The two parallel 3.0ohm coils give an overall resistance of 1.5ohms, fully immersed in e-liquid this also reduces the risk of dry hits.
Adjustable Airflow on the CS Air Tank

Adjustable Airflow

The airflow is easily adjusted by turning the central screw which allows you to fine tune your inhalation to your preference. With a 510 connection the CS Air 2 Tank can be used on a range of e-cigarette batteries and devices.