Otium CBD Vape Liquid

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Otium CBD vape liquid defines the quality standard for CBD vaping products. Manufactured in the UK by a sector-leading vaping company using only the highest purity of CBD isolate available. Otium CBD vape liquid has been created explicitly for use with e-cigs and has no needless additives, allowing this range to focus on providing a CBD vaping experience that will not be easily matched.

Otium CBD Vape Liquid can be used in virtually any e-cig device, including sub-ohm to help provide vapers with the ultimate in CBD freedom.

Otium CBD Vape Liquid does not contain nicotine, it is made only from PG, VG, flavouring and CBD. The CBD isolate contains only the purified cannabinoid CBD, which is manufactured through an extraction process from the plant and then isolated from the other plant-based compounds via a multi-step purification process.

With a range of delicious flavours such as Sweet Strawberry, Lemon Zest, Mint Menthol and Wild Blackcurrant, Otium CBD caters to all vaping tastes.


Choosing the right CBD strength

  • The 100mg (10mg/ml) CBD low strength is ideal for those new to CBD. Starting with this low strength is advisable and will allow you to gain personal experience using CBD, and potentially increase strength option based on what works for you.
  • The 300mg (30mg/ml) CBD is a medium strength offering a moderate amount of CBD for your vaping enjoyment.
  • The 600mg (60mg/ml) CBD high strength offers a concentrated amount of CBD which is best used by taking 3-5 inhalations at a time.
  • The 800mg (80mg/ml) CBD ultra strength offers a hihgly concentrated amount of CBD which is best used by taking 2-4 inhalations at a time.


Does Otium CBD contain THC?

Ultra strength (800mg) Otium CBD vape-liquid has been independently tested at an accredited laboratory and no THC was detected. Due to THC not being detected at the maximum concentration of CBD (80mg/ml) there is no requirement to test the lower strengths for THC content.

THC Test Certificates for 800mg Otium Vape-Liquid:


The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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Availability: Out of stock

Otium CBD Vape Liquid



  • Lemon Zest - Tangy, citrus lemon (Popular CBD e-liquid based on terpene flavour profiles).
  • Mint Menthol - Spearmint menthol.
  • Sweet Strawberry - Sweet & juicy strawberry.
  • Wild Blackcurrant - Succulent & sweet blackcurrant.


  • CBD Strengths - 100mg (10mg/ml) / 300mg (30mg/ml) / 600mg (60mg/ml) / 800mg (80mg/ml)
  • PG / VG Ratio - 70 / 30
  • Made in the UK