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Urban Chase E-liquid at UK Vapour Brand


11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)

Mods and Batteries

Accommodating all types of vapers, there are the ever-reliable pen style batteries, up to the latest e-cigarette devices with large battery capacities and various output modes, including variable temperature; there is something for all vapers. As with all UK Vapour Brands stock, all the mods and batteries on this page are official vaping products.

Upsell Opportunity

The wide variety of mods and batteries available at UK Vapour Brands means there’s a body to fit all types of tanks. For vapers looking for a new mod, there’s a great opportunity to upsell a tank to accompany it. Many of the devices in this category have tanks designed specifically for them.

Integrated Batteries

Our range of devices with integrated batteries vary in simplicity. From pen-style batteries with no settings to adjust to advanced mods with numerous output modes and quirky features, we recommend stocking a variety of integrated battery mods, meaning vapers have enough options to meet their specific needs and to ensure there is a suitable companion to their tank of choice.

External Batteries

At UK Vapour Brands, we stock a range of external batteries to fit mods with various battery connections. These batteries should be sold with their respective battery sleeves and the importance of battery safety should be explained to customers.