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Lost Mary Wholesale

The Lost Mary is a compact disposable vape kit with a unique design. It is simple to use as it requires no coils or e-liquid. Just remove the packaging and vape, its that easy. It is manufactured by Elf Bar which is the leading disposable brand. This ensures all the flavours are intense and provide the perfect vaping experience for both new and experienced users.

The 360mAh battery provides more than enough power to get through all the e-liquid inside and will produce up to 600 puffs. Plus, there are 24 flavours to choose from.

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What is Lost Mary?

The Lost Mary BM600 is quickly becoming one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. Made by Elf Bar, the It maintains the quality flavours expected within a stylish new device.

The mod style design makes it stand out from other pen style disposables and many find it more portable as it fits into a pocket easily. The flavours are also slightly sweeter compared to other disposables which is ideal for those with prefer stronger fruity tastes.

The Lost Mary has three key components:

  • The 360mAh battery last much longer than other disposables and will provide up to 600 puffs.
  • There are 24 flavours to choose from with a 2.0% strength which provides a smooth draw with a sharp throat hit.
  • The unique design stands at just 66mm tall making it nice and compact.

Lost Mary Wholesale From UK Vapour Brands

UK Vapour Brands is proud to be an Official Distributor of Lost Mary in the UK. Since 2015 we have provided independent vape stores with the leading brands including Eleaf and JUUL. We remain the number 1 supplier for all your vaping needs and won the best distributor in the Vapouround awards in 2022.

Our team of Account Managers are ready to help meet your needs and keep your customers happy.

Want to know more about the Lost Mary? Check out some of the product features below:

  • 360mAh battery
  • Auto Draw
  • Up to 600 puffs
  • 20mg nic salt
  • No buttons or messy coil changes
  • 24 sweet flavours

Why Stock Lost Mary?

Lost Mary is still new to the industry but is one of the fastest growing brands. A lot of this is down to the success of its manufacturer Elf Bar. As the leading disposable brand, it knows exactly what users want from their device and the Lost Mary looks to be following in the success of the Elf Bar 600 back in 2021.

No one in the industry thought the disposable trend would last for so long, but it is continuing to grow. It is important for any vape store to offer a range of the leading products in order to profit from this trend. Only stocking the leading brand will limit the opportunity in your store and result in missing out on crucial sales. The growth of this brand over recent months means there is a real demand for the product.

It is also important to have entry level devices like this for customers who are looking to start their vaping journey. It is simple to use which makes it easy for new vapers to use and the wide range of flavours will suit any preference.

Once you’ve built a customer base of Lost Mary users, you can then start to build a relationship and educate them on open tank devices. Once this is established and they discover the better value in regular vape kits they will continue to come back to your store for kits, e-liquid and coils.

Why Buy From UK Vapour Brands?

  • All products from UKVB are genuine and come straight from the manufacturer giving you complete peace of mind when stocking these in your store.
  • Our stock follows UK regulations and is thoroughly tested by our technical team.
  • Get same day dispatch on orders made before 2pm.
  • Your dedicated Account Manager will update you on all the latest releases and provide support to help you sell.

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Is There A Minimum Order Quantity for Lost Mary Wholesale?

Get in touch with your account manager for any queries on order quantities of Lost Mary.

Want to be a customer? Contact UK Vapour Brands on 01245 269387 today to talk about stocking the Lost Mary. We also stock a wide range hardware and e-liquid.

What UKVB Can Offer?

  • Full support from our team to help you sell in your store
  • Marketing Support
  • Full Product Training
  • Dedicated Wholesale Account Manager
  • Great customer service
  • Next day delivery
  • Simple returns policy

Need some more help? Our team is ready to take your call and get you on your way. Not a customer but want to start buying the Lost Mary and more from us? Sign up today or call 01254 269387 today.

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