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1 Item(s)

These core products form the firm foundation of UK Vapour Brands’ offering. These e-cigarette kits, tanks, coils, e-liquid and accessories are our most popular products and will allow you to build a solid customer base.

With quality and reliability at their core, these essentials deserve a place in every vape store not only as a starting point but as a staple offering to your audience. As with every UK product, these essentials are all fully UK compliant, will be dispatched the same day and have no minimum order quantity.

Essential Starter Kits

These starter kits are perfect for smokers looking to switching to vaping as their first e-cigarette. They will also appeal to regular vapers who require a good value, simple to use e-cigarette to use.

Essential E-cigarette Kits

Intermediate and more advanced vapers will of course be looking for e-cig kits with added features, including; variable wattage, removable batteries and sub-ohm capabilities. Having a couple of higher end options for this market will mean you have all vapers covered.

Essential Tanks

We always recommend carrying spare vape tanks in your vape store as replacements for customers who damage the one their e-cigarette is kitted with. Some vapers prefer a regular tank whereas others prefer a sub-ohm tank so both options should be stocked to meet their needs.

Essential Vape Coils

As you will be aware, only certain coils will work in certain tanks and in certain battery output modes. It is essential to therefore always stock the correct coils to accompany your kit and tank offering.

Essentials E-liquid

All of our e-liquids are subject to rigorous testing and backed by our guarantee of e-liquid excellence. MyVapors e-liquid is our essential e-liquid as it provides a range of flavours at a PG/VG ratio which is suitable for use in a wide variety of e-cigarettes.

Batteries and Chargers

Without an electric current, e-cigarettes of course won’t work so your customers should be able to get the batteries for their vaping device in your store. Our e-cigarette kits include charging leads however it’s important to stock spares for your customers. As e-cigarettes and e-cig batteries should be charged using these specifically designed charging solutions.