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Elf Bar is a compact, simple to use disposable vape pen. It is the perfect kit for a new vaper who is looking for an easy route into vaping. Disposable vape kits are also ideal as a spare device for an experienced vaper.

The device has a large 360mAh battery size and also has the potential of up to 600 puffs. It has a great look and feel but it also a performance to match. It is available in 33 great tasting flavours at a low-cost price.

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What is Elf Bar?

This disposable vape device is another kit at the front of the popularity boom. Elf Bar is well known for its simplicity and great flavour. This throwaway device has now become one of the most popular devices in the past 12 months.

Designed and created by Elf Bar with flavour as a priority. The natural taste gives the vaper up to 600 puffs of pure taste with a great throat hit. The smooth matte finish also echoes the quality of this disposable vape kit.

This kit stands out from the crowd with its natural tasting flavours and high-quality look and feel. It is essential for any vape store.

The Elf Bar has three parts:

  • A 360mAh battery lasting up to 600 puffs, equal to 50 cigarettes.
  • High-quality cotton, giving a natural taste and also giving a great vapour production.
  • 2.0% (20mg) Nic salt e-liquid, delivering a great throat hit.

Elf Bar Disposable Vapes From UK Vapour Brands

UK Vapour Brands is happy to be one of the few official online wholesalers to stock the Elf Bar in the UK. We have been one of the UK's leading wholesalers since 2015, born out of a passion for vaping, we can guarantee quality and satisfaction every time. With a team of dedicated account managers ready to help meet both your and your customer's needs.

Want to know more about the Elf Bar? Check out some of the product features below:

Product Features

  • 360mAh Battery
  • Automatic Draw activated
  • Up to 600 puffs
  • Pre-filled with 2ml of 2.0% (20mg nic salt)
  • Smooth throat hit
  • 33 delicious flavours
  • No messy coil changes or leaking
  • No buttons or settings to change

Why Stock Elf Bar?

The vaping market has changed a lot in recent months. Simple to use disposable kits are now leading the way and the Elf Bar is definitely a stand out device in this market. This shift of trend has meant that this device has already a strong customer following.

We know that trends change quickly in any market however, disposable vaping devices are definitely the current trend. By not being a part of this trend, you might also miss out on a large number of customers who are only looking to buy disposable vape kits. Another reason to have these kits in your store is that it can be a great way to attract new vapers into your store.

A disposable helps your customer to start the journey to become smoke-free without feeling nervous about the vast options to choose from or any worries about the cost. Vaping with the Elf Bar makes vaping simple, as there are no complex settings and no messy coil changes.

Once a customer is used to a simple vape kit, you can start to move them onto a more high-tech device that may suit their needs better. As a result, a disposable is perfect for attracting new vapers which is the ideal way to build strong relationships and keep the customer coming back to your store.

Why Buy from UK Vapour Brands?

  • Guaranteed authenticity
  • All of UKVB stock is fully regulated
  • Order before 2pm for next day delivery
  • Dedicated account manager to support you

Is There A Maximum Order Quantity for Elf Bar Wholesale?

Do you have a query on maximum order quantities for Elf Bar? Contact us today.

Want to work with UK Vapour Brands? Contact us today on 01254 269387 to discuss the Elf Bar. We also have a wide range of hardware and e-liquids available.

What UK Vapour Brands Can Offer You?

Here at UK Vapour Brands, we don't want to just sell our products to you, but also help support you when it comes to selling to your customers.

  • Full support to help you sell in your store
  • Bespoke Marketing available
  • Product training for all of our stock
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Need more help? Our wholesale team is here to answer your queries and help you get started. Not currently a wholesale customer but want to stock the Elf Bar? Sign up today or call us on 01254 269387 today.

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