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UK Vapour Brands wholesale customers are some of the most knowledgeable vape business owners in the UK, and we know you demand the highest possible standards in the supply of high-quality e-liquid.

To acknowledge the trust which your business has placed in UKVB, we offer our guarantee of e-liquid excellence.

With numerous e-liquid ranges with various PG/VG ratios and a vast array of flavours across a number of strengths at UK vapour Brands your customer’s e-liquid needs will be catered for.

Made in the UK E-liquid

UKVB’s “made in the UK” range of e-liquids are manufactured in a custom-built production facility, boasting industry leading e-liquid processing equipment and an in-house analytical testing laboratory. Our e-liquid ingredients are sourced only from approved suppliers and all finished batches of e-liquid have full traceability of ingredients.

We only use pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine in our e-liquid formulations.

UKVB e-liquid products contain food-grade flavourings which have been subject to vigorous inhalation suitability assessment by a team of highly qualified scientists and toxicologists.

Internationally Produced E-liquid

UKVB’s TECC Titan range of e-liquid, manufactured by our international partners, is also quality assured and laboratory tested to the same high standards as our UK produced e-liquids.