Hello vapers! This topic is about the bases used in TECC e-liquids and how they can affect your vaping experience.

So firstly what is PG?

PG (Propylene Glycol) is a clear, hygroscopic liquid which is colourless and nearly odourless but possesses a faintly sweet taste. Chemically, PG is classed as a diol and is miscible with a broad range of solvents, including; water, acetone and chloroform. It’s quite a thin liquid and it is the part that provides the ‘throat hit’ in our e-liquids, that rough sensation you get at the back of your throat on the inhale. Most electronic cigarette fluids will contain propylene glycol, and indeed The Electronic Cigarette Company’s entire range does.

The majority of coils on the market are designed for use with an equal or higher PG ratio, as these e-liquids are usually more ‘watery’, which soaks very well into the coil wicking material around the heating element.

The general mix for most e-liquids is a 50:50 ratio (50% PG to 50% VG). Some fluids have a higher PG ratio, which we have in the TECC Titan E-Liquid and are 70PG:30VG.

Using 50:50 ratio e-liquid such as our TECC Titus ADV or Mr Chadwick’s will give you a good balance between vapour and throat hit, plus most coils will not miss a beat whilst vaping on them.

Now on to the VG…

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last couple of years. VG is a simple polyol (sugar alcohol) compound. Again this is a colourless, odourless liquid, widely used in the food industry. VG provides those big, beautiful clouds of vapour and masses of sweet flavour.

E-liquid with a higher VG content tends to be quite thick and ‘syrup-like’ in consistency. You have to be careful with some VG fluids as they can clog a coil up in no time at all and VG has been the reason behind many burnouts. This is because the wicking holes can be too small for the thicker VG based e-liquid to flow through, and the liquid cannot soak properly through the wicking material onto the heating coil, which causes it to dry burn when you press the power button.

High VG ratio e-liquids are best suited to RBA’s (rebuildable atomizers), RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and sub-ohm coils that have larger coil heads and subsequently larger wicking holes to accommodate the thicker consistency of the fluid.

With e-liquids that have the VG:PG ratio of 70:30 or 80:20, the throat hit is more subtle and nowhere near as harsh. These e-liquids are for delivering voluminous clouds of vapour and are great for direct lung inhalation.

Our Cheeky Monkey E-liquid has a 25:75 PG:VG ratio and is perfect for large clouds and great flavour, Californian Pink is a real favourite!

So, there you have it – not as complex as you thought it was going to be! To summarise; more VG makes for more Vapour, heavier PG will be harsher on the throat – we have every kind of vape for any kind of vaper.

Not sure which type of e-liquid is for you? Why not contact our friendly customer service team on 01254 269380, or through our live chat (bottom right of your screen) and we will be more than happy to help.

Happy vaping!