Best Kept Secrets

Best Kept Secrets

The products found in this category may not be globally recognised names that everyone is talking about, however they are great products in their own right and vape stores that sell these products, see them sell in great numbers.

These products are less for vaping fanatics who are after the latest fad or gimmick and more for customers who want something that will simply work well for them. .

Why are they secrets?

These are our best kept secrets because they have not necessarily had the coverage in the vaping world that some others have. However, this certainly does not make them inferior products, which is proven by the sales figures seen through the outlets where they are sold.

With little presence on social media and minimal showcasing at vape shows, these products have gained a foothold as mainstay products purely down to consumers using the devices and understanding what great products they are.

Share the secrets with your customers

It’s important to understand the key selling points of these products and match them to your customers’ preferences. Get them in vaper’s hands, let them try them and we think they’ll be very impressed.

These hidden gems will not only help you satisfy vapers’ needs, they will also allow you to showcase your product knowledge by giving an insight on slightly less well-known hardware.