TECC 2.0A USB Charging Cable

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Designed specifically for the vaping market, this USB charging cable is ideal for charging your e-cig battery in your device, upgrading firmware or using alongside your Avatar 3 Bay Battery Charger. It can be safely used with any e-cigarette, or with higher current devices requiring up to 2.0A charging current.

TECC QC 2.0A USB Charging Cable

What's In The Box

Kit Contents

  • 1 x 2.0A USB Charging Cable


  • Compatibility - USB to Micro USB
  • Length - 1.0m
  • Maximum current - 2.0A

Product Features

TECC QC 2.0A USB Charging Cable

Quick Charge Cable

Quick charge cable designed to be durable and compatible with all TECC electronic cigarettes; the one lead we will provide for all devices.

TECC QC 2.0A USB Charging Cable

Compatibility with Avatar Charger

The 2.0A USB Charging Cable is designed to support quick charge functionality with any QC2.0 device, and to work with the Avatar 3 Bay Charger.

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