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As well as stocking the leading e-cigs, batteries, tanks and e-liquids, UK Vapour Brands also supplies a range of accessories to accompany these products.

From chargers to battery sleeves to mouthpieces to carry cases, these accessories are great to stock for emergency replacements and also as additions to allow vapers to customise their e-cigs.

Upsell Opportunity

Many of the accessories found in this category such as chargers and mouthpieces are essential to allow customers to vape. With all these essentials readily available, vapers will know that they can count on your store for replacements.

Whilst these products may be lower value, they are an important way to get customers through your door.

A Wide Variety

Not only do accessories serve an important purpose, they are also a great way for vapers to add a personal customised touch to their vape set up.

Stocking a range of different options for vapers to choose from is important adds that extra touch which will help to set your business apart from others.